Swift Sport Springs 13+ Lexus GS350 GRL10 4T911

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Swift Sport Springs 13+ Lexus GS350 GRL10 4T911
Spring Rate Drop
Front Rear Front Rear
Kg/mm Kg/mm Inch Inch
5.0 7.5 -0.8 -0.8


Swift made Sport Springs keeps the quality ride you get from the showroom, and adds improved handling and lower ride height for driving enthusiasts and style minded drivers who demand only the best. Swift did not develop the Sport Springs line by simply dropping the ride height. Unlike other manufacturers whose sole focus was style, Swift approached the creation of these lowering springs with 3 goals.

1. Maintain or improve a smooth, comfortable ride.
2. Increase handling by reducing body roll and squat in search of overall suspension balance.
3. Lower the vehicle within tolerance of each vehicle's usable stroke.

As you can imagine, keeping or improving the comfort level while increasing performance is not an easy task, especially since these two aspects contrast with each other.

Where most of the competition simply gave in to the easier method, Swift Springs decided to tackle this issue by creating our own material (H5S.TW), and unique manufacturing method that works very well for this material. Working in unison, the material and manufacturing method provides a superior level for both comfort and handling.

We utilize spring design with fewer coils which not only allows us to decrease un-sprung mass but to also completely eliminate the chance of coil bind, while increasing the amount of usable stroke. Our proprietary material (H5S.TW) has a much quicker transient response, reacting to any road conditions which, in turn, cause a much smoother ride where other springs will skip on the harsh road surface, our spring will react to the road surface as needed.

With the Swift Sport Springs, we expect both street and circuit users to experience an increase in all aspects of suspension tuning from performance to comfort.

Swift developed each Sport Springs application based on the individual vehicle's unique characteristic. Put simply, a luxury car will maintain its luxury ride, and sports car will maintain its sports car feel.