SPL Rear Upper Traction Arms NC Miata MX-5 RX-8 FE

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SPL Parts TITANIUM Series Rear Upper Traction Links (RUT) for the NC Miata and RX-8 eliminate the soft unresponsive and often worn out rubber bushings on the stock links.  

Our Rear Traction Links help to eliminate toe changes in the rear suspension under hard acceleration/braking and when going over bumps, providing more stability and predictability to the rear suspension for precise tighter handling.  The use of spherical rod ends helps to reduce wheel hop on hard launches.  Our Rear Traction Links are also length adjustable to allow the rear suspension bumpsteer characteristics to be adjusted to correct for lowered cars.

These arms are designed for use in high performance street and race vehicles. Black Anodized gun drilled 2024 Aluminum main links along with our 360 degree Rotating Clamp design allow for quick and precise adjustment. Long gone are the days of fumbling with wrenches to tighten jam nuts while trying to trying to keep your bearings oriented correctly.

Sold as a pair.

Made in the USA!

SPL Parts Adjustable Toe Arm Features:

  • Lightweight Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Titanium construction
  • Gun-drilled 2024 Aluminum to reduce unsprung weight
  • Computer Aided Design with the aid of Finite Element Analysis
  • Rotating Clamp design allows for easy access to lock down your alignment settings
  • High misalignment low friction 2 piece Teflon lined FK Heim Joints/Rod Ends


2006-2015 Mazda NC Miata MX-5

2003-2012 Mazda RX-8