Nexen N'fera AU7 245/45/20 XL

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The Nexen N'fera AU7 is an all season performance tire that is made for every weather condition. Itss balance of wet weather, and dry weather performance gives you the confidence to conquer any type of road that lies ahead.

This tire features:


W and Y Speed Rated

Maximizing drainage capacity by applying the open lateral grooves and optimal asymmetric design.

Securing wide traction during cornering by applying semi-ribs - maximizing the handling stability. Reinforcing block stiffness by applying kerfs - improving the handling performance.

The 5 optimal variable pitch blocks for dispersing the pattern noise reduce the negative pressure and generate a soft tone, thereby ensuring a silent and comfortable ride.

Increased snow performance by increasing the number of biting edges through the fine sipe design.

Price per tire.

XL Denotes extra load