Michelin Pilot Sport GT Slick 31/71/R19 S9M

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Michelin radial slick tire for dry or damp usage.

S9M hard compound.

Updated tire of the previous generation S9L compound with new casing featuring an enhanced reinforced crown creating a more rectangular footprint.

Large GT / GTE rear Applications 19x12-13.5 wheel. Dodge Viper ACR-X, Ferrari 458 GT3, and FXX rear

353mm measured section width and 27.8 inch overall diameter.

Ambient air temps 60-95 degrees F.

Tire operating range 160-220 degrees.

Tire operating hot pressures 30 to 32 PSI with 22 PSI starting cold pressures. (estimates)

Best in class grip and durability. Less likely to delaminate compared to other tires in category.

Derived from the 24 hour of Le Mans, IMSA, Super GT and WEC winning tires.

Made in France.