Berk Technology Toyota MR2 Turbo Gen 4 Downpipe with Flex Section

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Full 3" Downpipe w/ Integrated Flex Section. NO MORE CRACKING DOWNPIPES. Hands down the best downpipe on the market! GEN 4 3SGTE MOTOR! Also available in black ceramic coated stainless. Ceramic coatings help keep exhaust engergy (heat) inside the exhaust pipe to help spool the turbo instead of heating up your engine bay.
. Full Bellmouthed Wastegate section. Large bellmouth portion never before seen on the MR2. Allows full actuation of the wastegate flapper and extremely low backpressure on the turbine wheel. Flows BETTER than divorced wastegate setups.
. Integrated stainless steel braided and interlock lined flex section to ELIMINATE cracking problems associated with 3SGTE downpipes. Another MR2 first by Berk Technology.
. Full 304 stainless steel piping & flanges.
. Thick walled 0.065" 304 SS tubing.
. This downpipe will OUTFLOW and OUTPERFORM any and all 2.5" downpipes. No if's ands or buts. This has been tested by us and competing manufacturers and we have both come to the same conclusions. 3.00" is always better than 2.5". PERIOD.
. Includes gasket, 304 stainless downpipe support bracket, & nuts/bolts.
. World class quality and fitment that you've come to expect from Berk.

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Mike Leong Yaw Sin
Berk downpipe st215

I'm glad it can shipped to international country like Brunei & I'm so satisfied with the purchase with Mike very good customer services. Berk downpipes are equipped with gasket and bolts, which are of high quality and light weight. Overall, I think it is worth buying anything from TMP Recommended.