WedsSport Wheels

Weds Co. LTD. Japan is one of Japan's premier wheel manufacturers. With a history in Super GT racing, they campaign a team in the top class of GT500 against the other big 3 of Honda and Nissan. Their Toyota Supra GR is racing under the WedsSport Banner and is unmistakably WedsSport with the florescent highlighter green wheels .

WedsSport makes some of the lightest and strongest wheels in the market. Their AMF, Advanced Metal Forming Technology, give it the lightest possible construction without going to a full forged wheel. The technology currently makes it the lightest cast wheel on the market with this amount of rigidity. We notice from using TC105X's that there is a lot of stiffness to the wheel, which greatly increases in tire, suspension, steering and braking response. This makes it a perfect wheel for anyone striving for performance.