Sabelt GT-635 Seat

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The Sabelt GT-635 seat is a halo (full head containment) seat specifically tailored to Circuit and Rally racing.

The new carbon fiber seat has been designed for Circuit and Rally. The shell is the result of accurate ergonomic studies aimed to ensure optimal positioning of the driver.

Sizing comes in either M (32-36 waist) L (36-38 waist) or XL (38-42 waist)

Shell comes in 2 sizes M and L / XL (extra padding for L to create a tighter fit)

Developed with the best company working in GT championships.

The flat shape bottom and the specific back inclination designs provide proper fitment in both Circuit and Rally cars.

The double shoulders harness slots improve the fitment of different drivers with a variety of torso lengths considered.

FIA 8862-2009 homologated, the latest and most severe and safe FIA spec.

• Lateral fixing

• Suitable to six-point harnesses thanks to crotch straps hole in shell bottom

• High wear resistance vep fabric

• Breathable mesh 3d fabric on backrest and bottom

• Anti-slip kinder point fabric on shoulders