Sabelt Racing

Since 1972, Sabelt is an iconic Turinese Italian company that manufactures automotive motorsport safety equipment, factory OE interiors and aerospace / defense straps and nets.

They are the industry leaders in motorsport seats, harnesses, steering wheels, suits, gloves, shoes, and underwear.

All Sabelt products are designed and engineered exclusively by Sabelt in the operational headquarters in Turin, in collaboration with external design centers or in partnership with clients car makers, to offer unmistakable Italian style products. The quality of Sabelt products is the result of intense research and development, which allows it to reach the highest levels of performance and safety. Sabelt invests 8% of its resources annually in research and development and is the only company in its sector to have an internal dynamic test laboratory to perform ECE and FIA tests, aimed at verifying the strength and effectiveness of its products. The laboratory allows to carry out a quality control at every stage of production and a prior approval of the products. All tests are conducted with the specific intent to not reduce in any way the level of safety, while maintaining a bigger margin to the minimum required, with outstanding performance levels, built with style and design.